Things to Look for in Newborn Baby Clothes

New parents have so many concerns before the arrival of their precious little angel. As a parent you are so excited to shop for many items that your baby might be needing the moment he or she arrives. Of all those concerns you are most concerned about the newborn clothing. If you are a young parent you want to buy baby clothes that have cute details but that’s not the only case when you are more concerned about the type of clothing that you might buy. Although most moms were deceived by the design of each clothes you need to be aware of the quality of clothing that you are going to purchase anytime soon.  First of all, you have to know that usually clothing for babies have a variety of sizes and if you notice whenever you go to some baby shop stores most of them are organized by months though in reality newborn babies are not all fit to those month size clothes. Now, the right way to ensure that it will fit your little one the moment he/she is born is to buy baby clothes in different sizes. Aside from that, babies these days grown faster that is why you need to prepare bigger sizes of infant clothing so you will have a reserve items for your baby to wear.

Below are the things to look for when buying baby clothes wear:

1.       Durability – at any case, you should always go for clothing that can last long which means you can wash them many times but the quality of the clothes is still notice. There might be some garments that are low class and can easily tear up when you hand wash them.

2.       Comfortable fabric – baby clothes need to feel very comfortable because babies skin as we know are real sensitive and prone to some skin allergies. We don’t want them to feel irritable so better to choose clothes that have the highest quality of fabric.

3.    Avoid clothes with lots of lace – Although clothes with lace looks very promising and attractive, this is not applicable to babies because it can give them allergies or can get their fingers caught within the lace.

4.    Go for baby clothes made from natural materials like cotton – There are so many kinds of clothes in the market today ranging from organic ones  down to those that are cheaper in price but the quality is not so promising. Most babies have sensitive skin and the best clothing for them are those that made from natural materials wherein no chemical is. By the way, clothes with highest quality are 100% cotton. Invest in clothing that can last for so many years.

In general, most mommies love shopping for baby clothes because they feel that it’s a responsibility that they should do for their precious one every time they went out . However, due to busy schedules and daily chores or if you are working mom you almost feel like shopping can eat up most of your time, and because of that, busy moms rely on shopping baby items online. Actually, whatever you see on baby shop at selected malls and shopping places can be found in online boutique as well, from one-pieces clothes to beautifully designed baby dresses, baby rompers down to sweaters and some other baby accessories. There might be time mothers tend to be over buy items when it comes to baby clothing and because of that they always have those unwanted items in baby closet, so the best thing to do is to have a list of kinds of clothing as well as their sizes in order to be organized when shopping. One thing more, don’t forget that your concern when buying baby clothes is your baby’s overall comfort , that is why make sure you are only purchasing clothes that have the best quality of fabric at all times. Now, disregard your thinking that the more clothes the merrier because if that is your thinking you will end up buying cheap and low quality baby clothes.

In buying baby clothes whether in malls, specialty stores or online stores should not bring stress on your part. Just remember the simple things you need to know before making a purchase.


Organic Clothes for Baby’s Sensitive Skin

Babies are prone to many diseases due to the tenderness of their skin. They have a very sensitive skin compared to a normal kid ages 3 years old and above.  Toddlers who are less than 1 year old are susceptible to many skin diseases so we must ensure that they are using products that are safe and only meant for them. If you suspect that your kid has a very sensitive  skin and becomes easily irritated for no reason try to observe if this has to do with the kind of clothes that he is wearing.

Normally, organic clothes for most people are so expensive and considered as  a luxury by middle class people, but in reality these types of clothing are far better and beneficial compare to ordinary baby clothes which came from “so so” fabrics. The fabric used for organic clothes are free from pesticides and other harmful chemicals that it is the safest among other types or kinds of fabrics, clean and so perfect for your baby’s sensitive skin.


Shopping for baby items for your newborn kid is partly enjoyable and partly frustrating. Of course, finding the best clothes might be one of the most challenging part of being a mother. You always want to find high quality clothes that will last long and can be pass onto your next baby. Usually, those clothes that lasts long are not ordinary and cheap so if you are heading for quality why not invest on organic baby clothes.

Organic clothes are specially made for babies with sensitive skin. Allergies can be very irritating for babies and can lead to another health issue that you don’t want your baby to encounter. The next time you are ought to buy clothes at your favorite baby stores make sure to consider the safety of the clothes and that is normally seen to the kind of fabric that they used for it.

Quality clothing brands often use soft and original fabrics not imitations just like what most cheaper clothes for babies in the market. However, since quality clothes are using quality materials that are all 1st class the price of these clothes in the market are more expensive than those low quality clothing items.

Consider Buying Baby Clothes Online

Shopping for babies clothing can be very rewarding to those who are not busy and have time to stroll around and find stuff on the malls or some baby boutiques. On the other hand, busy people who have no time to buy clothes on some baby stores should consider buying baby clothes online. Oftentimes, people don’t give much attention to buying clothes online although they are readily available with just one click. Most moms feel that buying baby clothes online is a lot expensive than buying it from your preferred baby store or malls. There are wide choices of products to choose from so it’s like real shopping but in reality you are just picking baby items online.

Moreover, online shopping can saves up time and money. When you do shopping I bet that you limit your budget and only buy baby clothes that are needed like few baby rompers, kimonos, bibs and burp clothes. You can find so many retailers and wholesalers of clothes online but make sure to properly research first if that particular baby shop online has a good reputation and only sends quality items. Don’t expect to get quality clothes for a price that is cheaper, as we know, cheaper items came from cheapest materials so you must be wiser.

It is best to consider shopping online if you live far away from the city or a particular baby store has no branches near your Imageplace. But before purchasing anything online always opt for online store that is reputable or popular. It is important to know about that store before making any purchase. The best part of online shopping is that products are usually on their right categories to ensure that visitors or online shoppers won’t have a hard time browsing through their wide range of products. Some websites focus on selling baby clothes alone, while others have popular categories such as apparels, bedding, furniture, feeding bottles and toys.

When shopping for baby clothes online always consider quality rather than price. It is recommended to ask the supplier via chat, email, or phone about the materials used for their clothes. On other hand, it is advisable to buy clothes from the real manufacturer so rather than some stores offering products that are not made by them. Remember that quality clothes came from purely cotton which is usually soft and comfortable at all times. Rough clothes surely came from rough fabrics and can cause irritations to the skin of your baby.

Purchasing baby clothes online should be enjoyable and overwhelming provided that you exactly know what you are looking for. It’s up to you if you choose clothes that are cheaper which normally came from not so popular brands and used low quality materials, or you prefer high-end products which costs higher compared to cheapest ones.

Taking Care of Babies Sensitive Skin

As a new parent to a baby who has a sensitive skin you search on the way on how to better take care of your baby’s sensitive skin. If you are to notice, most baby soaps and lotions are encouraging and since all of them claim to be very good in your baby’s skin and do not contain harmful ingredients, but in reality only few of them are real and beneficial to your baby’s skin.

Below are some useful ways in taking care of your baby’s sensitive skin:


1.  Wash clothes using a mild detergent – In washing baby clothes it is important to consider detergent that is mild and perfect for babies clothes, blanket, bibs and more. Washing your baby’s everyday wear is critical and need careful attention. The normal detergent that we usually used for our clothes may not be perfect for their clothes. Better to use detergent that is meant for babies clothes.


2.  Always use mild soaps or bath gel when bathing your baby – Baby soaps are very encouraging especially those with fruity smell. Sadly, baby’s skin is so sensitive and some baby’s soaps, lotions, bath gel and others which contain fruity flavors can have an allergic reaction though they still claim to be perfect for babies. A mild bar soap is perfect for your baby’s skin like Johnson’s baby bar soap or Dove soap and they are readily available in most supermarkets and some baby stores.


3.Consider organic clothing if within your budget – If you have a budget to splurge on organicImage clothes why not consider them when you do your regular shopping. Thought organic clothes may sound costly compared to non-organic ones at least you can be sure of the quality and the kind of fabric that it they have. Organic clothing is the safest option for a parent who wants the best for their babies. Clothes that are organic are environment-friendly and grown naturally without the use of chemicals and other pesticides. You can find organic clothes in some baby stores like Feather Baby boutique.


4.  Keep an eye to allergic reactions – It’s normal that all babies get rashes at some point. What is not normal is if you don’t find the culprit behind those allergic reactions. Sometimes, allergies came from foods, medicine, and even milk so it’s advisable to observe all the time. If you still cannot figure out the problem it is recommended to consult your baby’s doctor to properly assist you. Taking care of your baby’s skin is not a trial or error so better to consult an expert.


A baby with healthy skin is normally happy and calm at all times.  In general, baby’s skin is superbly smooth and soft, but because they have the most delicate skin in this world you also need to properly take care of their skin and make sure that they only get what’s best for them.

The Pros and Cons of Organic Baby Clothing

Obviously, organic clothes for babies can be very beneficial in so many ways. Organic clothes are usually softer fabric and perfect for babies since they are known to have sensitive skin, which only means that, since it’s gentle the allergic reaction might be eliminated. Compare to other clothing that are non organic  the material used in this kind of clothing is absolutely durable and will last long. If there might be one disadvantage of organic baby clothes that you will definitely notice is the higher prices plus it is not seen elsewhere in the market as there are few to little stores offer this type of clothing for babies.

I have listed below the other pros and cons of this type of clothing also known as “organic baby clothing”:

Pros of Organic Clothing:

  1. Since organic cotton is naturally grown which permit them to have longer Imagefibers which produce cloth that is soft, smooth or silky.

  2. There is no finishing agent used for organic clothing that usually bring rashes and skin asthma to babies that is why it is the most preferred clothing of those moms who have babies that have very sensitive skin.

  3. Usually organic cotton to clothes smells clean that is why you can ensure that it has no other fabric  additives in it that makes the clothing smells favorable over others.

Cons of Organic Clothing:

  1. The 1st concern is its higher prices. Organic cotton is undeniably more expensive than others because of its first class quality of fiber.

  2. Few stores have it.  As I mentioned a while ago, you cannot buy it anywhere as there are only few baby shops offering it in the market.

  3. Since only few stores sell this type of clothing most of the design and styles can be limited but they are elegant.

Other moms might think that organic clothing is just a luxury but you need to analyze first the overwhelming possibilities that organic clothes offer for you and your baby. The material is absolutely high class the durability is guaranteed which means, you can pass it on to another generation.  I’ve few pieces of this kind of clothing which I bought a couple of months ago from Feather Baby shop.

If there’s one thing I would like to advise moms like me is never be afraid to invest in organic clothing as it gives you security in all aspects. Always remember that our babies health should be the main priority so as early as now let them experience the best among the rest.